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The home screen (rendered by furthermore known as “SpringBoard”) showcases application symbols and a dock at the base of the screen where clients can stick their most every now and again utilized applications. The home screen shows up at whatever point the client opens the gadget or presses the “Home” catch (a physical catch on the gadget) whilst in another app.The screen’s experience can be redone with different customizations accessible through jailbreaking. The screen has a status bar over the top to show information, for example, time, battery level, and sign quality. Whatever is left of the screen is committed to the present application. At the point when a password is set and a client switches on the gadget, the password must be entered at the Lock Screen before access to the Home Screen is granted.

In iPhone OS 3.0, the Spotlight highlight was presented. It permits clients to hunt media, applications, messages, contacts, messages, updates, datebook occasions, and comparative substance. In iOS 7 and later, Spotlight is gotten to by pulling down anyplace on the home screen (aside from the top and base edges that open Notification Center and Control Center).

Since iPhone OS 3.2, on bolstered gadgets, the client can set a photograph as the foundation of the Home screen. This component is just accessible on third-era gadgets or more up to date – iPhone 3GS or more up to date, iPod Touch third era or more current, and all iPad models.

Scientists found that clients sort out symbols on their homescreens taking into account use recurrence and relatedness of the applications, and also for reasons of ease of use and aesthetics.

Framework Font

(All About IOS operating System)


iPhone OS 1-iOS 3 – Helvetica

iPhone OS 4-iOS 6 – (Helvetica Neue on Retina Display devices)

iOS 7-iOS 8 – Helvetica Neue Regular, with Helvetica Neue Bold as an alternative (Settings – > General – > Accessibility – > Bold Text)

iOS 9 – San Francisco


All About IOS operating System ….


With iOS 4 came the presentation of a straightforward organizer framework. At the point when applications are in “shake mode”, any two (except for Newsstand in iOS 5 and iOS 6, which demonstrations like a folder) can be delayed top of one another to make an organizer, and from that point on, more applications can be added to the envelope utilizing the same strategy, up to 12 on iPhone 4S and prior and iPod Touch, 16 on iPhone 5, and 20 on iPad. A title for the organizer is naturally chosen by the classification of uses inside, yet the name can likewise be altered by the client. At the point when applications inside envelopes get identifications, the numbers demonstrated by the identifications is included up and demonstrated the organizer. Organizers can’t be put into different envelopes, however an informal workaround exists that empowers organizers to be settled inside folders. iOS 7 overhauled the envelopes with pages like on the SpringBoard. Every page can hold nine applications, and the Newsstand application is currently ready to be put into an organizer.


Notification Center (All About IOS operating System )

Before iOS 5, notices were conveyed in a modular dialog box and couldn’t be seen in the wake of being released. In iOS 5, Apple presented Notification Center, which permits clients to view a background marked by warnings. The client can tap a notice to open its comparing application, or clear it.Notifications are currently conveyed in flags that show up quickly at the highest point of the screen. On the off chance that a client taps a got notice, the application that sent the warning will be opened. Clients can likewise decide to view notices in modular ready windows by altering the application’s warning settings. Presented with iOS 8, gadgets are currently open through the Notification Center, characterized by third gatherings.

At the point when an application sends a warning while shut, a red identification shows up on its symbol. This identification tells the client, initially, what number of notices that application has sent. Opening the application clears the identification.

Accessibility( All About IOS operating System )

Situated in Settings > general > Accessibility, This permits the client to tweak different parts of the iPhone to help the client if there is help required in the zone of seeing or hearing. And in addition the expansion of openness easy routes.

Included applications ( All About IOS operating System )

The iOS home screen contains these default “applications”. Some of these applications are covered up as a matter of course and got to by the client through the Settings application or another system—for occasion, Nike+iPod is initiated through the Settings application. A number of these applications, for example, Safari, the App Store, and Siri, can likewise be incapacitated in the Restrictions area of the Setting. All About IOS operating System


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